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Devotchka - Nick Urata, Shawn King, Tom Hagerman, Jeanine Schroder

Devotchka - Nick Urata, Shawn King, Tom Hagerman, Jeanine Schroder

Horse portraits (Horsescapes) featured in design article, May 2009

Olympus Vision Age
“Snow Dog”…featured image in “photos of merit”, January 2007

Now Public News.net
Featured image on front page, “Burnt Souls”, 2008

Featured image “Fight Club” on front page and with article, “Muhammad Ali: The Brand and the Man”, 2007

Featured image ,”Got Words” with article, “After Writing 100 Emails a Day, Who Wants to Write a Conventional Letter?”, 2007

New West.net
“White. Out. #2″ fine art photograph featured on front page, May 2007
“Devotchka” photograph featured with article, January 2007

Colorado Music Buzz Magazine
Cover photographs of music group, “Devotchka” as well as three-page feature spread, November 2006


The Center for Fine Art Photography…featured selection for national exhibition at Denver International Airport – Denver, Colorado, May-August, 2007

Lone Tree Photography Art Show & Exhibition…selected photographs on exhibition/sale – Lone Tree, Colorado, April 15-May 5, 2007

Musee de l’Elysee, a museum of photography…selected photographs featured as part of “We Are All Photographers Now” exhibition – Lausanne, Switzerland, March 2007

The Shy Rabbit Gallery
Mixed media art selected/featured in national juried exhibition – Pagosa Springs, CO, October 2005

Eve Experience Exhibition
“Taking Notes” and “Ms. Understanding” featured in national juried exhibition – Sacramento, CA, June 2005


1000 Artist Journal Pages, edited by Dawn Devries Sokol – 14 pieces of art included in book; published July 2008

Creative Collage, written by Kelly Angard – 125 pages; published November 2005

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