about kelly angard

about kelly angard

I am a full-time photographer, artist and writer based in Denver, CO.

My fine art photography features conceptual images of people, horses and nature. Through alternative, traditional, and digital processes, I develop unique, creative and thought-provoking images.

My fine art, whether abstract, conceptual or corporeal, examines our intrinsic ties with nature and encourages viewers to look beneath the surface to find a personal meaning. Multiple layers of color, texture and calligraphy are the foundation of my artistic language no matter the medium.

Writing is another one of my creative passions. I have written over 50 articles for national and international industry magazines and am a published author. My book, “Creative Collage” was published in 2005 (F&W Publishing/North Light) and is currently available on Amazon.com and in bookstores nationwide. I have also had over 100 pieces of art published in national and international publications and have had my work featured in art exhibitions and on numerous websites.

My professional experience includes four years as Managing Editor of a national fashion magazine and twelve years with my own graphic design business in Los Angeles.

I am available for assignments and teaching art/creative workshops worldwide.

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