human nature

"human nature" conceptual fine art photography ©2008 kelly angard

"human nature" conceptual fine art photography ©2008 kelly angard

As an artist, there are some pieces i create which are so personal, so poignant, so evocative, i find it difficult to share them with the world when they are finished.  As much as a part of me wants to share my favorite and most meaningful work, i end up keeping these works to myself…waiting for the time i feel enough distance from them, separated from them personally.  i wait until i feel i can put “them” — and therefore, myself — out there for the world to see. this one took a year and a half…

For some, this may simply be an image of two anonymous people captured in a moment…nothing more, nothing less.  and that is fine; it is what it is to the viewer.

But for me, this work, this image speaks of so much more.
for me, this image is a bank of a thousand thoughts…a catalyst for heart-breaking stories or song lyrics yet to be written.
for me, it whispers to a curious mind…i want to know  more.
i want to imagine more.
i want to create more.
i want to be more.

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