Inspiratonal Pay it Forward!

angel image by Axel

Where do you find inspiration? The answer to this question is usually found in something that has a tangible definition to it…a person, an object, photographs, etc. My own answer to this question has taken on a whole new perspective after I was inspired in the most unlikely of ways; I was inspired by something we all have inside of us…something we can give away and still have enough of: kindness and grace.

Noticing small acts of kindness, especially when they are small or given unexpectedly, can change our attitudes, lift our spirits and as I found, inspire our creativity! The next time you’re looking for a little inspiration, try focusing on the small acts of grace that have come your way or take action yourself…start a wave of random acts of kindness and suddenly you won’t only be inspired, you’ll be inspirational!

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4 Responses to Inspiratonal Pay it Forward!

  1. madretz says:

    This is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve seen.

    Grace plays a huge role in my life. With everything I do, I strive to be gracious.

    I’m also a mixed media/paper artist and novice photographer. I’ve done quite a few grace themed pieces, and you’ve inspired me to do more.

    Thanks. :)

  2. Contessa Kris says:

    THanks for the inspiration. I need to notice those kindnesses more. Brings joy. Beautiful artwork.

  3. Babsarella says:

    What an AMAZING piece! I love the color, texture, and the images you used. I also love it because not only does it have a wonderful message, but Grace was my Grandma’s name (and is also my Aunt’s name). Love your blog and I’m looking forward to reading your book.


  4. Jana says:

    You are my hero!