Meaningful Moments…

There were so many experiences that happened at CHA that are just now rising to the surface of my chaotic mind even though they will always remain in my heart.

One very special moment was meeting Sonda and her daugther, Baylee. When I met Baylee, she instantly reached for my hands and held them wonderfully close. I was incredibly moved at how this little girl had so much to say, and how she expressed herself without saying a word. Her joy is contagious and she captured my heart…

Thank you, Sonda for sharing your angel with me.

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3 Responses to Meaningful Moments…

  1. Joanna Bolick says:

    Sonda is so, so soooooo nice, and it’s only fitting that her daughter is an absolute sweetheart as well!! So great that you got to meet them!

  2. Heather Stanworth says:

    Sonda is a sweetheart! And so are you Kelly! :)

  3. primitivebunnies says:

    Sonda is so dear – I just ran across your blog and your pictures w/ Baylee – GORGEOUS!