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A few weeks ago, I demonstrated how to create a contemporary silhouette shape using clip art. This week, I’m going to show you another quick and easy way to achieve a similar look only this time, it’s with a stencil. Believe it or not, the decorative art of stenciling is re-emerging with some really cool graphic, contemporary and ornamental designs. Gone are the days of having only picket fences, bunnies and other country designs to choose from. The popularity of DIY home decor has kicked decorative painting techniques into the forefront of the craft market…so I say, let’s use them in our layouts! Check out the decorative painting and embroidery sections of your local craft store for some really cool and contemporary designs.

In the layout above, I have used the stencil in two different ways…Instead of using the entire stencil design (see photo below), I’ve used only sections of the stencil as smaller design elements. I used the stencil to create a simple outline of the design directly onto the background paper. Then I used the stencil with patterned paper, cutting the birds from a different paper than the decorative branches.

Remember, it’s the way you use an old tool that gives it a contemporary look…here’s a few other ways you can incorporate a stenciled design into your layouts:
1. create silhouette with paint…after drawing image, simply fill in with paint.
2. build dimensional texture…spread a layer of molding paste mixed with acrylic paint over a stenciled design
3. add wamth with fabric…trace stencil design on back of fabric; embellish with sequins and beads
4. create an eclectic image…cut a stencil design from photos ephemera, handwritten journaling or a collage of favorite paper scraps for a truly unique embellishment.

Stenciling is so simple, step shot photos are not necessary. Instead, I’ve assembled a a few tips & suggestions that I have found useful:
- trace stencil design on back of patterned paper with pencil for a clean silhouette
- when using detailed stencils, lightly spray with a repositionable adhesive so stencil doesn’t shift while tracing design
- draw stencil outline on a transparency with a Sharpie pen; use as an overlay to determine placement of design or determine if the stencil pattern works with the patterned paper you’d like to use.
- take note of the size of the pattern if using patterned paper; a small stenciled object will look best if cut from a paper with a small pattern.

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  1. Lisa G says:

    Awww, oh my gosh Kelly, I love it!!! I can’t believe how well it blends into your lo. This is awesome!!!
    P.S. Shall we discuss you know who and you know what, lol…Lisa