Technique Tuesday x Two!

I always seem to run out of something during the holiday season…this year it’s batteries and time. Oh heck, I’m always running out of time! However, running short on time does not mean I’ve run short of ideas and resources, so this week I’m shining the technique spotlight on the ideas and techniques of two very creative women…

1. 101 Things to Do with Ribbon
The is for those of you who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ribbon…
“101 Things to Do with Ribbon” was created by the wonderfully artistic Shimelle (she runs the art journal challenge I wrote about a few weeks ago). Click on “101 Things to do…” and download the PDF file with the same name; this list is a great resource for the next time you’re looking for a new way to use part of your growing ribbon collection!

2. Creating a Soft Fade in Photoshop
Even though most of my layouts and artwork are created by hand, I still love to experiment with Photoshop. And while there are a ton of tutorials available on the internet, finding a simple tutorial with scrapbookers in mind is a rare find. I was so excited to find Kelly Shults, a digital designer for Scrapbook Elements and talented mixed media artist…her tutorial,
Creating a Soft Fade in Photoshop is well-written, easy to follow and a very useful technique to know. Make sure to stop by her informative blog, Envisages, where she features many of her stylish digital designs as well as a few paper art tutorials…you’ll definitely want to bookmark her site for future reference!

I’ll be back next week to kick off a creative New Year!!!

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6 Responses to Technique Tuesday x Two!

  1. Rach says:

    Great tips today! I printed out the ribbon tips….very cool! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Happy Creating!

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow~ What an awesome blog!!!

  3. primdollie says:

    Love your site and hope it is ok I have added you to my favorites list!! so all can see!! thanks for all the great tips and ideas!!
    Hugs Linda

  4. Jeannie says:

    I love your blog, thanks ;)

  5. artsyfartsyamy says:

    Hi Kelly! I got your book for Christmas and it is rockin’ my socks off!!! I just love how each page is jam-crammed with instructions, tips, examples, variations. I do believe you might have had a problem squishing one more item into it! LOL And this blog is so delightfully similar. THANKS for writing a book that is really worth the money and then some, thanks for this blog, too!


  6. LLifecoach says:

    LOVE SEEING YOUR (lively & colorful)BLOG.
    xox LL