Technique Tuesday: Layered Silhouettes

A simple and elegant collage can be created from a variety of images…even from a simple clip art image like the one I found in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living (page 187). Since I was always one of those kids who colored outside the lines, I decided to bag Martha’s intended technique and add a little “kreative kell” to the simple silhouette images. This week’s Technique Tuesday shows you how to take a basic clip art image and make it your own…and it’s perfect for those collections of patterned papers that you’re not sure what to do with!!!

Layered Silhouettes
clip art image
scanner or copier
repositionable adhesive (spray or tape)
patterned papers

1. Scan or copy images, enlarge to 200% and 400% (or whatever sizes will work for your layout).

2. Trim around image (a); apply repositionable adhesive. Mount image to back of patterned paper face down. Notice that you can see the enlarged image through the back of the paper enough to cut it out…silhouette cut image (b).
3. Turn silhouette cut image over and peel apart (c)…voila! A very cool, contemporary silhouette image! Repeat with other shapes and sizes.

Take a look at the diagram below for the many ways I customized two silhouette images…

1. cut tree from green velvet to add texture; 2.
largest tree cut from white cardstock; 3. patterned paper speckled with white blends with the white tree and speckled blue background paper; 4. patterned papers with small patterns work best for smallest images; 5. cut tree from a photo for a realistic silhouette image; 6. use the negative area after cutting out the large tree as a stencil…mount with respositionable adhesive and then spray paint with silver!

By the way…did you notice that I used last week’s Grunge Techniques along the bottom and on the sides of the layout?

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5 Responses to Technique Tuesday: Layered Silhouettes

  1. Pip says:

    That is so BEAUTIFUL!! Awesome tips and thanks for sharing your amazing creativness with us! ~Miki

  2. RN4JCHRIST says:

    WOWSERS!! That layout is just beautiful!! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Julie Ann says:

    Where can you find clip-art like that?

  4. The Crafty-Girl™ says:

    Pip & m4jchrist…So glad you’re enjoying the techniques!

    Julie Ann…the clip-art used in this layout was in the Dec. issue of Martha Stewart Living. Dover Publications sells books of silhouette clip art; you can find them at

  5. Joanna Bolick says:

    Oh my WORD this is the coolest!!