Stitched Doodling!

Tania Willis (from 2Ps) played around with the Doodling 101 exercises I posted a few weeks ago and took her doodling to a whole new level. Her idea to stitch her doodles resulted from what I call a “flopportunity”! She says, “I wasn’t happy with it, soooooooo I thought I’d “fix” it by paper piercing over the doodles for a little artsy flair. Then, I got the bright idea to handstitch over the paper piercing. What the heck was i thinking???? Who knows, but four hours later i am THRILLED with the end result.”

And I am thrilled for her…I LOVE that she did not give up when she was unhappy with her initial design. This is a great example of why I find doodling a great artistic exercise…it allows your mind to free up from the “have-to’s” and allows it just go with the flow and have fun. Great job Tania! Thanks for letting me post your wonderful artwork…

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7 Responses to Stitched Doodling!

  1. Kimberly says:

    OK girl…totally ***speachless*** This blows me away with how beautiful this design is! I sooOOOoooo can’t wait to get my book…hoping today is the day! :))) 2 words…YOU RAWK and SO DOES TANIA! Thanks so much for sharing! :)) Loving getting to know you more.

  2. Corinnexxx says:

    wowowowowow this lo really rocks!!!


  3. sherlonkahkai says:

    Tania’s work is beautiful!

  4. Heather says:

    gorgeous page! I don’t know if I’d have the patience for 4 hours stitching and poking but the end result is fabu!

  5. justannax says:

    this is wonderful!

  6. Julie Ann says:


  7. Maggie says:

    Wow 4 hours. it looks great, I don’t have much patience. I’s so glad for digital. All it will take is 15mtes to get teh stitch look.