Live to Learn, Learn to Live

Creativity and inspiration can come from the most unexpected of places…

One of my favorite sites I turn to when I’m looking to fill my inspirational bucket is 37 days. 37 days was started by a woman who was suddenly faced with her stepfather’s terminal diagnosis which culminated in his death only 37 days later. However, similar to the message of the best-selling novel, Tuesday’s With Morrie, this site is about living…not dying. Through inspirational vignettes and images, 37 days author, Patricia Digh, thoughtfully shares her insights about living life with intention.

In order to be inspired or create anything, we must be open to learning something new. We must shift from teacher to student and then back again many times over; it’s as exhausting as it is exhilarating. And it’s what we must do in order to grow and become more creative.

Michaelangelo said it best with simple clarity: “I am still learning…” because in this life, day after day, we are all still learning. From our first breath to our last, we are learning who we are, learning how to live with each other, and learning how to create something from this wonderful life we have been given.

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