Collage Redefined

*Joy to the World*

What do you think of when you hear the word “collage”? Do you think of it as a technique (i.e., a way of putting things together…) or as a “look” (vintage…chaotic….intimidating…)?

However you define “collage”…it’s all about to change! Especially for those of you who think, “I can’t do collage” or “Collage is not my style”…you’re really in for a shock because you’re already doing it! The American Heritage Dictionary defines collage this way: “to paste (diverse materials) over a surface”, which means that whenever you layer a photo or image and paper onto a surface, you’re doing collage! (That would be like every scrapbook page you’ve ever done!!!)

Simply stated, collage is what YOU want it to be, whether that is a simple layering of elements, a creative assembly of techniques or a whimsical collection of images and paper. Collage is getting a new definition…YOURS!!!

(special thanks to my girlfriend, Anne for letting me use her beautiful family portrait!)

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4 Responses to Collage Redefined

  1. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE collage – especially if it’s symbolic and “messy” KWIM… Love the LO… Love your blog -TFS!!!

  2. Lisa G says:

    I remember my first digital collage in college in my Photoshop class. I still have a copy of it on my computer. Love this, hey, when you need a pic to use you can always use any of mine for your lo’s. I would be honored :) Lisa

  3. KellyVanVoltenburg says:

    I just found your blog and I am learning so much. Just love that collage layout!

    Kelly (

  4. Gaylieo says:

    Hey Kelly! Girl, I LOVE your blog and at present I am currently enjoying your book. I read and try to digest a big every night before bed in the hopes that I dream of collage *LOL*. Anyway, just wanted to write and tell you that I was just reading my 3 year-old DD’s “preschool news” weekly report. She goes 3 morns a week and listen to what she did his week: “we constructed and painted our menorahs, we made 2-dimensional hand print menorahs, we learned a new art technique called WAX RESIST, we DRIPPED and COLORED with CANDLE WAX and watched what happened when watercolor was painted over the top . . . ” I say let’s hear it for Miss Sarah! Guess my little DD will be teaching me technique soon :) Gayle