Technique Tuesday: Tinted Transparencies

I love challenging myself creatively…always trying something new, always experimenting, always thinking…and always filling up a trash can with remnants from the crazy whims that come into my mind! In fact, I had so much fun coming up with the unique techniques for my new book, “Creative Collage for Scrapbooks”, I decided to make every Tuesday, Technique Tuesday here on my blog!

What is Technique Tuesday? Each Tuesday I will post some type of technique…colorant, texture, image/photo or just something fabulous I’ve made or found! The techniques will vary when it comes to style and experience level…and most will be versatile enough for a variety of paper/mixed media arts, i.e., scrapbook art, art journaling, book or paper arts, collage, mixed media, ATC’s…experiment with them doing whatever art or craft you love!

Tinted Transparencies
- alcohol inks (Adirondak or Pinata Inks)
- transparency (printed or plain)
- rubbing alcohol in a spritzer bottle
- small paintbrush

Alcohol Inks + Transparency steps


Make sure to mark your calendars for Technique Tuesdays and get ready to experiment and have some fun learning something new! Let me know how the techniques work (or don’t work) for you…in fact, I’d love to see what you’ve created…post a link here with anything you’ve made using the featured technique!

And don’t forget to have fun…see you next week!

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7 Responses to Technique Tuesday: Tinted Transparencies

  1. monicalee says:

    Tom will love this, he may want to do it every other Tuesday! I had no idea you were so famous, crafty girl!

  2. Chris says:

    very cool – I have only painted on transparencies not inked – thanks for sharing the technique!

  3. Tammy Jackson says:

    Love the idea of Technique Tuesday Kelly, and I love your work. I clicked on the examples, and Flikr is not letting me see a larger version. Is there something you can do on your end?

  4. kreativekell says:

    tammy: Thank you…and thanks so much for letting me know about the flickr problem. I think I’ve fixed it now!

  5. Lisa G says:

    Kelly you have to be the most talented scrapbook artist out there. You are absolutely amazing. You are my hero! And did I forget to mention how sweet you are. I will try to work on some of these techniques. They are quite the challenge…Lisa

    my blog:

  6. Kaleidoscopic Kris says:

    I am definitely inspired and have had alcohol inks on my shopping list for eons so as soon as I get them I will try this technique you’ve so generously shared! PS– would love to chat more about Artist’s Way sometime :)

  7. susancw says:

    I have only begun doing collage with transparencies and really am a beginner with all this. I understand the alcohol ink technique and look forward to it.
    Is there somewhere I can go to learn how to use transparencies in a mixed media project? For example what kind of adhesive? What kind of sealer. Do you paint on top of transparences? What kind of paint do I use? Do you layer transparencies? Lots of questions!