Technique Tuesday: Doodling 101, Incorporating Doodled Designs

Guess what? There’s more doodling fun on this week Technique Tuesday! Since you practiced a few scribbles last week, I thought I’d show you some creative ways to incorporate doodling into your pages…

Doodle on your Photos…
I first started playing around with doodling techniques back in January while working on creative ideas for my book. While the Sharpie pen enabled me to doodle on cardstock, I was unhappy with how it looked on a photo…so I began experimenting! After filling a trash can with wild ideas, I found the most unlikely tool to create the look I wanted: the Hot Marks Heat Tool (Walnut Hollow). If you’re not familiar with this versatile tool, it’s a favorite in my toolbox because it comes with 15 interchangeable points/tips. I used the stencil cutter point to effortlessly engrave designs on the photos!

While the images above were engraved with the Heat Tool, they can also be created with a permanent ink pen (like a Sharpie). Remember to use white ink on dark photo areas, and black or dark-colored ink pen on light photo areas.
TIP: Does the thought of actually writing on your photos make you gasp in horror? Lay a piece of transparency over the photo and doodle on it. If you make a mistake, simply wipe off with a tissue spritzed with alcohol or use a baby wipe…let dry and try it again!

Doodle a photo frame…
For those of you who think doodling can make a layout look messy, take a look at Kristina Contes’ (a talent from 2Ps) fabulously fresh photo frame! Her clean, graphic layout allows the doodled designs to make a statement without taking away from the photo. Create a doodled border or photo frame by framing an area with low tack artists tape (like masking tape only less sticky). Framing an area with tape provides boundaries to draw your shapes in without having to worry about creating a perfect visual line; gently peel off tape when ink is dry. Thanks Kristina for sharing your talents…

Okay…ready to doodle a bit yourself? Here’s a few more pages to print out, including simple lettering that works great with doodled designs.

Doodling 101
-fine-tipped pen (Micron, Pitt Artists Pen, Sakura, etc.)
-Doodling Exercise Sheets (click on Exercise Sheets below and print out)

Easy Shapes……..Alphabet-1……..Alphabet-2

This week’s Practice Grid is similar to the one you see here. Complete the areas on the grid that I started for you; fill the empty spaces with whatever you’d like (refer back to this one if you need to).

Have you had enough doodling? Is there something you’d like to see on a future Technique Tuesday? If so, I’d love to hear from you…leave a comment with your ideas…

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9 Responses to Technique Tuesday: Doodling 101, Incorporating Doodled Designs

  1. Corinnexxx says:

    oh love to see this entry since I love to doodle!! I just finished a few lo’s and a minibook using my doodles the way you did here on a picture and I really love how it turned out. Really am so curious if they are going to be published. well have to wait and see than!

    have a great day!!


  2. Linda says:

    Love your work, just recived your book would love if you can put some of the ides’s that are in the book ans use them to show us
    how to place and use on pages.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I just love your work! I had to get your book too…soooOOOooo hoping it will be arriving this week. :)))

  4. altjoujou says:

    Just found your blog recently and luv it! LUV the Technique Tuesdays. And LUUUUUUVVVVV the Doodling Designs!!
    You inspired me to challenge myself by doodling. I wanted to use black ink, but just grabbed a pencil (dull at that!) and gave it a go. Not exactly the results I wanted, but it was more fun than I expected. I’ll definitely be doing more!
    Thanks so much for your excellent lessons!!
    p.s. you can see my doodling here. Oh, and that’s some kind of long-armed rodent hanging onto the heel of the shoe. I think.

  5. Maryfrances Fabbri says:

    Well, I am back. Just downloaded the next three exercises. I am so excited to get moving. I have been doing some doodling in the meantime. I would love your comments on the one below. (Having the hardest time linking this, hope it works)

  6. Anart Island Studio says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I love your technique tueday…and here is a likn to what came out when I tried some doodling ( do you spell it like that??)


  7. Jennia Hart says:

    The link for the practice grid isn’t working. I need to practice doodling so I’d love to get the practice grid printed off. (I just printed off everything else so I can take them to a crop with me later this week.)

  8. scaredymama says:

    Hi, I love your doodling tutorial, and I’ve been doodling on anything that will sit still long enough since I found it yesterday. I tried to download your second practice grid but the link doesn’t work. Is it available anywhere else?

  9. iHanna says:

    Nice inspirational post about doodling, I wouldn’t mind at all if you wrote more about this subject. I think doodling is fun!