Technique Tuesday: Doodling 101, Basic Penstrokes

This week’s technique requires you to RELAX, have FUN and not THINK or WORRY about whether you can doodle or not! That’s because the secret to doodling is…not thinking!!! Doodling is defined as drawings which come from the unconscious mind. This means there is not a lot of conscious thought that goes into how a doodle is created or looks…it is a free-flowing activity that flows from the brain to the hand and onto the paper without pre-planning. And more importantly, it is created without fear of it not looking good. I like to call it a “free-style collection of imperfect and random shapes” (note the word imperfect!!!). The beauty of doodling is in it’s imperfections…

Doodling may be difficult to imagine incorporating into your scrapbook pages because you probably like your pages to “look” a certain way…but the SECRET of doodling is allowing yourself NOT to think or worry about how your doodling will look. So how do you NOT think about what your doodles will look like? I suggest practicing doodling while you’re brain is somewhat distracted, i.e., watching TV or talking on the phone…this way you won’t be able to focus on drawing perfect circles, squares or loops. I doodled an entire background for a piece called “sweet dreams” while watching an episode of “Lost”…the doodling was effortless and I loved the results! The best way I can explain it is like this: In order to create freely, one must “think” less and “do” more.

Doodling 101
-fine-tipped pen (Micron, Pitt Artists Pen, Sakura, etc.)
-Doodling Exercise Sheets (click on Exercises below and print out)

Exercise 1……….Exercise 2……….Exercise 3

Exercise 4……..Exercise 5……..Exercise 6……..Practice Grid

Each exercise sheet should only take you 1-2 minutes to complete (there are simple instructions and space to practice on each sheet) because doodling lines should be drawn quickly. The last page is a Doodling Grid for practicing all the lines and shapes on one sheet. Practice these Basic Doodling Lines and Shapes and next week I’ll demonstrate how to create designs with what you’ve learned.

If you’re feeling game, try a little experiment: Print out two sets of Exercise Sheets…complete one set in a quiet environment and complete the second set watching TV or talking on the phone. Which environment was easier for you to doodle? Which environment produced better doodling?

…Remember to post a link to your finished Grids; I’d love to see your doodles!

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8 Responses to Technique Tuesday: Doodling 101, Basic Penstrokes

  1. scrapinfool says:

    I can’t figure out how to print out the grids. Please help!

  2. kreativekell says:

    Tam…try clicking on the words “Exercise”; a new window should open up with the information on it. Please let me know if it’s not working for you…I can email you a PDF file!

  3. Liz says:

    this is AWESOME, thanks for posting this exercise…i’m looking forward to next week’s lesson. =)

  4. Pip says:

    This is SO COOL!!! I have always been a doodler (is that even a word?) but I need to get over my perfection on layouts so I can doodle on them too! I am going to go through your excercises and then maybe start small with a card. THANKS!! ~Miki

  5. scrapinfool says:

    Thanks Kelly! I got it now! :)

  6. Mackey says:

    This is fantastic – thank you! I have wanted to doodle more on my layouts and simply could not do it! I’m not into perfection at all, I just got into a LOT of trouble for doodling during school as a child – LOL!

    These exercises should help me get past those old knuckle rappings, don’t you think? ;-)

  7. Maryfrances Fabbri says:

    Just printed them out. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks so much.

  8. clara says:

    This is so cool, Kelly! My (going-to-be-12-year-old DD) is having a sleepover birthday party in a couple of weeks – I’m going to print these out and have the girls do some fun doodles and make the doodles into a little book/album for each girl to take home with them! I can’t wait to see what they come up with!